Interview with Henrik Zeberg, Founder of The Zeberg Report.

Zeberg has taken lots of flak from bullish gold investors recently for his suggestion that in this deflationary market, gold is on the verge of a negative price reset. We dig into Zeberg's understanding of the gold space, and the evidence behind his assertions.

Gold bugs, Gold company CEOs and Gold commentators are in violent disagreement as it goes against the gold bull narrative and trend. However, many investors may not be realising that Zeberg actually AGREES with the most optimistic of gold bulls in the long-term. He sees US$5,000-$10,000/oz gold as eminently feasible; he just thinks there needs to be a reset down to c. US$800 first. Why? We investigate.

Interview highlights:

  • Henrik's Background Story
  • Controversial Views on Gold Price Trajectory: Reasons for it Getting Worse Before it Gets Better
  • Studying the Commodity Space: What Peaked Henrik's Interest?
  • Types of Gold Investments to Consider
  • Criteria and Fundamentals of Investment
  • Possibility to be Wrong: What Gives Henrik Confidence in His Theories?
  • $5.000-$10.000 Gold Incoming: Fiction vs Reality
  • Views on Hedging: Tackling Problems Problematically
  • Lessons Learned and Mistakes Made Over the Years
  • Want to Learn More? All the Places You'll Find Henrik Zeberg

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