Interview with Alex Tsukernik, President & CEO of Nova Royalty Corp. (TSX-V:NOVR)

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Tsurernik has teamed up with Brett Heath of Metalla to bring this copper & nickel royalty company to investors. It's early days but with the EV thematic momentum in full swing we were keen to understand how Nova Royalty plans to structure their company and fund a critical mass of projects to get the market excited.

We Discuss:

  • Company Overview
  • Business Plan & Foundation: The Journey so Far
  • Small Business, Great Projects? Competing with the Big Guys
  • Projects, Plans, & Criteria: A Blended Approach?
  • Accelerating Growth & Building Value
  • Identifying Issues & Competition in the Market
  • Macro Impact on Business: Tesla & ESG Importance
  • Driving Excitement for EV's: What Will 2021 Hold?
  • Deals to Complete in 2020
  • Q&A: Team Expansion & EB Tucker's Involvement
  • Q&A: Impacts of Chinese Tariffs on Base Metals

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