On the surface, this looks like a large conventional royalty company, but scratch away a little and one will realise this royalty story is a lot more complex than one might have realised. Osisko Gold Royalties is a precious metals-focussed royalty company but it also has a private equity component. A bold move aimed at investing their royalty level returns into a component of the market which could provide 20% returns. But it's potentially higher risk. The market has been somewhat confused by this, but it is a plan for accelerated growth, and Roosen was keen to clear things up. He also thinks he has the best royalty company in the world and what people to know it.

Osisko Gold Royalties pays out 1.5% dividend to shareholders, which is all well and good, but when can investors hope to see more of this value represented in the share price?

We Discuss:  

  • Company Overview and History
  • Complex, Competition, Communication: Developing the Business Plan
  • Shareholder Breakdown: Are They Happy?
  • A Different Royalty Company: A Look at Private Equity
  • Leveling Up: Growth and Profit
  • Any Pressure on the Financial Side?
  • Discussing the Change in Management
  • Taking Advantage of the Bull Market: Problems Going Forward
  • Company Positioning and Exit Plan
  • The Model Going Forwards and the Team to Execute it
  • Views on Competitors and Their Valuations
  • Why Choose to Invest in Osisko: The Next 12mths 

Company Page: https://osiskogr.com/en/

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