Interview with Gareth Thomas, President & CEO of Westhaven Gold Corp. (TSX-V:WHN)

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Drill results Westhaven has recently raised $5.175M and discuss how this is being allocated and when. Westhaven is in BC. Shovelnose is the core focus with a high-grade gold discovery made in 2018 and then hit further high-grade intercept in 2020. They are drilling nearly 40,000m this year on top of the 22,000m drilled previously. The current incarnation of the company has spent about $14M on drilling. The company is trying to make a decision as to when they want to put out a resource as they claim to be in several conversations with developers (who may not need a resource). So expect more drilling for the next couple of years! The company will need to raise more money to (+$10M?) so they can carry out their plans.

We Discuss:

1:12 - Company Overview

2:38 - Share Price Up Since 2018, Yet No More, What Happened?

7:11 - Money Spent, Raised, Allocated, & Financial Position Today

10:37 - Funding it All With Little Dilution, How?

14:13 - Chasing High Grade: Expectations for Assays

17:50 - Business Plan & Decision-Making: Are They Ambitious Enough?

24:04 - Costs of Next Steps & Outstanding Debts

28:48 - Q&A: Drilling at Skoonka & AI Considerations

30:02 - Q&A: Foreseeing Hurdles & Red Flags

31:12 - Q&A: Any Majors Interested in Taking Up Land Packages?

32:10 - Q&A: E.Sprott Invests in Everything, so Why Not This?

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