Gold up on lower than expected US inflation

Gold was up 2.1% to US$1,984/oz, as lower than expected US inflation led once again to market hopes of easier monetary policy, implying lower real yields, a potentially weaker US$ and a rising money supply, which all tend to drive up gold.

Mining stocks near the bottom of global sector valuations

This week we look at the price to book ratios of the mining sector, which are near the bottom of the valuations for global equity markets, and the valuations of the TSXV larger copper stocks, which remain high versus the past several years.

Gold stocks recover on rise in metals and equities

Gold stocks recovered from a drop last week, with the GDX up 4.3% and GDXJ gaining 5.3% on the rebound in the metal price and equity markets, with the S&P 500 up 2.4% and Russell 2000 up 5.8%, and most larger TSXV gold stocks rose.

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