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Athabasca Basin Map - Stallion's Named Projects

Stallion Uranium (TSX.V:STUD) boasts the largest land package in the Southwestern Athabasca Basin--the Basin’s new frontier--including 770,348 acres of continuous projects bordering NexGen Energy, Cameco, Orano & F3 Uranium.

Roughly 30% of its shares are held by the leadership and discovery team from Hathor (sold to Rio Tinto for $650M), initial shareholders in NexGen ($6B market cap) and Atha Energy ($170M market cap). Stallion’s experienced technical team has a track record of discoveries and development in the Southwestern Basin including NexGen’s Arrow and PurePoint’s Spitfire assets.

Stallion is headed to a discovery after successfully encountering anomalous radioactivity in all 3 of its initial drill holes and intersecting a large graphitic structure (the plumbing of uranium deposits) on its flagship Coffer property. The company is vectored in on identified unconformity targets for its next drill campaign.

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