Originally recorded on April 13th, 2021 - Junior Stock Review Premium 


- Is there one ideal portfolio for everyone?

- Risk tolerance

- Knowledge and experience in the sector

- Financial position

- Investment philosophy + goal

There is no ubiquitous answer for how to design your portfolio or how to make money in the stock market.

It always 'depends.'

Many of you have asked me what percentage of your portfolio to allocate to each of the Premium portfolio positions.

As I said, it very much depends on you.

A good understanding of yourself goes a long way to designing an ideal portfolio.

You need to consider your risk tolerance, your knowledge of the stock market and, specifically, the resource sector, your financial position and your investment philosophy.

Go through these points and physically write out how you score in each of the categories.

Use my description in the video to help make an objective view of your position, and based on this, how you should allocate your investment dollars.

You are going to have questions - this is good. Ask your questions and I can offer some more specific ideas for you to ponder in your quest to create the ideal portfolio.

Until next time,

Brian Leni P.Eng

Founder - Junior Stock Review Premium

Disclaimer: The following is not an investment recommendation, it is an investment idea. I am not a certified investment professional, nor do I know you and your individual investment needs. Please perform your own due diligence to decide whether this is a company and sector that is best suited for your personal investment criteria.